COVID-19 Announcement

*Curbside Service During COVID-19 Pandemic*

Animal Healing Center is devoted to ensuring our clients and their companion animals have access to care while also implementing social distancing for the safety of our clients, employees, and the general community.

Beginning Monday, April 6 2020, Animal Healing Center will have curbside services. This means, unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we will have to adjust the check-in and veterinary consultation procedures for all appointments and treatments.

*What to expect with Curbside Service:*

For appointments, we ask that you arrive early enough before the appointment to take your dog on a quick walk in our pet relief areas and be prepared to have your cat in a carrier that we will bring inside for the appointment.

We then ask you to call 619.276.5900 to let us know you have arrived.

We will give you further instructions over the phone. We will ask that you wait on the sidewalk to the left of our door with your pet on a leash or in a carrier and one of our veterinary technicians will come to retrieve your pet.

During the visit, do not worry, your pet will be treated with the same love and attention that you’ve come to expect of our clinic. We have always maintained a calm practice setting and feel that your pet will experience minimal stress being separated from you for this short time.

We strenuously recommend that you remain in our parking lot “waiting room” during your pet’s examination and treatment, but if there are special circumstances that necessitate you accompanying your pet during examination and treatment, we may be able to accommodate your request; however, we would require that you provide and wear your own personal protective equipment. We will be unable to provide gloves and face masks.

As an alternative option to in-clinic appointments for patient medical progress follow-ups that do not require hands-on treatment, we are now offering telemedicine visits through Zoom Meetings. You can request a virtual meeting by calling 619-276-5900 or through PetDesk.

We ask that you remain near your phone during the examination or treatment so that the veterinarian can call you to discuss your pet’s treatment plan and address any general questions you may have.

After the exam/treatment, our technician will return your companion to you and then we will take payment over the phone and email you your receipt.

For Orders, we ask that you call ahead or use the PetDesk app to submit a refill request so that we can prepare your order and we will then take pre-payment over the phone. When you arrive to pick up the order, simply call 619.276.5900 and will bring your pre-paid order to your car.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.