Cancer Support

Complementary Holistic Cancer Support

Cancer is the most common cause of natural death in dogs and cats who are older. In fact, cancer accounts for nearly 50% of pet deaths each year. If your pet is diagnosed with cancer, Animal Healing Center would like to help.

Integrative oncology is the use of scientifically-proven complementary therapies alongside conventional medical and surgical treatment of cancer. If your pet is receiving conventional chemotherapy, radiation, or surgical interventions for cancer treatment, we can provide complementary therapies along with those treatments.

If you have chosen not to pursue conventional cancer treatments for your pet A.H.C. also offers multiple treatments options to improve her quality of life.

Therapies for your dog or cat with cancer that are considered a part of Integrative Oncology include:

  • Acupuncture for pain management, appetite support, and immune enhancement

  • Dietary Therapies and advice on home prepared foods

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Herbal supplements

  • Homeopathic Plussing

  • Bioregulatory medicine

  • Exercise

  • Sleep aid and stress reduction

  • Emotional release / Essential oil therapy / Raindrop

  • Ozone therapy

Integrative care usually involves developing a team approach with multiple practitioners providing different aspects of care to your pet with cancer, your family, and yourself. During your first “Cancer Consult” you can expect to spend 60-90 minutes with the doctor and staff defining your pets diagnosis, goal setting, and discussing therapeutic options. Follow up visits are scheduled depending on your dog or cats condition, your schedule, and the therapies initiated.

If your loved family pet has been diagnosed with cancer a blend of conventional, alternative or complementary holistic treatment options are available for your pet. Please call our friendly staff today to schedule a consult.


​​​​​​​"When Guggenheim welcomed me into his life, while taking over my heart to fill it up with the purest form of love, he silently started training me to realize I could not only "fetch and retrieve", but unselfishly give love back and accept that one day I will have to give him the most amazing pair of wings that love can buy. That day, unfortunately, came not measured in "dog's years". Lymphoma won the war, but Guggenheim, supported by a whole team of vets helping him (and me) to go thru this hard time, won important battles and for some time went into remission. His oncologist, Doc Melanie gave him the best possible care following the most successful protocols for the treatments of K-9 lymphoma and referred us to Doc Diana at Animal Healing Center to help him with individualized holistic therapies. These two amazing and compassionate doctors ( and their teams) targeted the treatments not only for his lymphoid system but for his all body and spirits. His quality of life has been the priority and the parameter used to measure the progression of his disease week by week. He received chemotherapy but also Chinese herbs and homeopathic supplements, acupuncture, massages, ozone therapy and I learned how to cook balanced homemade food. This synergy and team effort made him active and happy until his last day. He always had a big smile on his face and with that same smile he is now at the rainbow bridge, waiting for the day we will meet again."

- Michela Ferlugia

cancer patient pet

​​​​​​​“Our older beagle/terrier mix, Harley began seeing Dr. Diana Drumm at the Animal Healing Center after his surgery for stomach cancer in August 2012. Cancer has not returned and next month it will be two years. She and Harley’s oncologist have worked well together with his treatment plan. Dr. Drumm prescribed a variety of supplements to strengthen his immune system and asked us to cook his food. We have followed her protocol faithfully and have a happy dog full of energy. He was recently diagnosed with leukemia and responding extremely well to treatment without any side-effects except a minor increase in thirst. Dr. Drumm takes the time to get to know both the animals she treats and their caretakers. She and her entire staff are knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.“

- Laura Berend

cancer support review

​​​​​​​"In December of 2013, my husband and I received news that our then 3 1/2-year-old male Rottweiler, Cash, had B-Cell Lymphoma. At that time, we decided to take comfort measures, initiating treatment with Prednisone and Cytoxan. After 4 months of a noticeable decline in Cash's strength, endurance and personality, and all of his lymph glands enlarging, we felt euthanasia was imminent. We discontinued the Cytoxan and noted an immediate change in Cash's personality, returning to his old self. At that time, we began researching a more holistic treatment regimen, and our Vet referred us to the Animal Healing Center. Through their guidance, we transitioned from kibble to home-cooked foods, specific to cancer treatment, and slowly added supplements and Chinese herbs. Cash's lymph glands began shrinking immediately, and his demeanor returned to a young and vibrant dog. The staff is all-loving, caring and knowledgeable and the doctors treat your "whole" pet, encouraging a partnership between traditional and eastern veterinary care. I highly recommend a consult at the Animal Healing Center, they have brought new life to our beloved Cash!"

- Ken and Shelly Binder

pet with cancer support