Lady with her dog

“Dr. Heather Carter is the 'perfect' veterinarian! Excellent connection with every pet that enters the office, gives undivided attention during appointments, and genuinely cares about making a positive difference in animals and people's lives. ”

Janet K.

"A wonderful holistic practice that has helped much more than traditional vets and have helped me to see things differently and keep my old pugs alive and enjoying a high quality of life, much gratitude!"

Brian D

"My dog loves going to this vet. Same dog does an abrupt u-turn at the door of every other vet. She has an aggressive form of osteosarcoma and we believe due to the regimen/diet from Dr Drumm her life has extended well beyond other vets expectations."

Jan H.

"I came in with my dachshund to do preventative care and they were amazing! The environment is calm and relaxing. I learned so much about foods and supplementing my dog to his needs specifically; along with correct exercises to strengthen him and not harm him. This is the first time I have felt someone looked at my dog individually and for his breed and made up a plan to make his life the best life he could have. I will continually go back here!! Thank you!!"

Anna W.

"Dr. Chou is amazing. Our dog was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was experiencing horrible seizures. She immediately put her on a ketogenic diet, added cannabis and chinese herbs and the seizures have completely stopped. She is thorough, knowledgeable and will never give up on your pet. We have seen all the doctors at AHC and she is by far the best, I can't recommend her highly enough."

Mishel F.

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