Herbal Medicine

Herbal therapy offers a fresh, safe, effective approach to the treatment of medical conditions that have been unresponsive to traditional Western drugs. They are also an excellent choice for pets who cannot take a certain type of drug due to allergies, side effects, or drug resistance.

When we say "herb," what we are really referring to is any natural plant substance. In Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), that definition would be extended to include substances of mineral or animal origin. For example, a popular and highly effective herbal "calmer-downer" utilizes substances such as pearl, amber, and oyster shell in addition to plant substances.

At Animal Healing Center, we utilize traditional Western and TCVM herbal preparations that have enjoyed centuries of use. Side effects are rare because these formulas and herbs have been studied for literally hundreds of years - far longer than Western drugs are studied before they are marketed to the public. We utilize many forms of herbs: tablets, capsules, and freeze-dried herbal formulations; tinctures; and even topicals. This variety of formulations allows us to find the preparation that will be easiest to administer to your dog or cat. The freeze-drying and tableting process tremendously concentrates the herbs, so that only a small amount is needed per dose. For complicated medical cases, we prefer the freeze-dried approach, as this allows us to customize an herbal blend specific to the needs of your pet.

If you are unsure of how to administer an herbal preparation to your cat or dog, please ask for tips or a demonstration.

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