Non-Anesthetic Dentistry

Non-anesthetic dentistry at Animal Healing Center is a safe and painless way to monitor and maintain your cats’ and dogs’ oral health between general anesthetic dentistry with your regular veterinarian. It is not a replacement for dental procedures that require general anesthesia, such as oral x-rays or extractions, but it can reduce the frequency that general anesthetic dental care is needed for your cat or dog.

The gentle techniques for positioning you pet in the hygienist’s lap help reduce stress and allow for a through oral cleaning.

At Animal Healing Center we start each non-anesthetic dental with special laser treatment to help calm you pet. This is followed with a laser treatment on the gums to reduce pain and inflammation during the procedure.

The teeth are then hand scaled to remove the bulk of the calculus, followed by ultrasonic scaling for sub gingival tartar removal. After scaling the teeth are machine polished to smooth irregularities on the tooth surfaces that can attract plaque.

After the procedure your pet’s mouth is rinsed with ozonized saline solution to kill any bacteria that remain. In addition to the ozone saline rinse, you cat or dog’s gums are treated with a violet laser as a final bactericidal measure.

Most patients are then sent home with probiotics to rub on the gums. This helps to establish the beneficial micro flora in the mouth needed to fight bad oral bacteria. Your veterinarian at Animal Healing Center may make other recommendations for home dental care on an individual basis.

Please note that not all pets are candidates for non-anesthetic dentistry. Some pets’ dental disease is too advanced to benefit from non-anesthetic dentistry, and some pets may have concurrent health issues, such as neck or back pain that prevent them from being comfortably positioned for the procedure without sedation.

At Animal Healing Center we focus on creating a calm, trusting relationship with your pet. Despite our best efforts, some patients resist oral exams or are stressed by the sounds of dental equipment. We never want to lose your pet’s trust, so if we feel that the NAD procedure is stressful for your pet, we will recommend discussing dentistry with anesthesia at your regular veterinarian’s office.

Only your veterinarian can decide if your cat or dog is a good candidate. If your pet is already a patient at Animal Healing Center call us today to schedule an evaluation for non-anesthetic dentistry. If you are interested in exploring a non-anesthetic dentistry option for your pet and your pet is not a current patient at Animal Healing Center, please call us today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our veterinarians.