My First Visit

The AHC uses a multi-modality approach to promote a healthful balance. Our doctors’ extensive training in western veterinary medicine in addition to advanced training in holistic veterinary modalities truly provides integrative perspective toward patient care to help your pet attain optimal health.

Upon initial presentation to the AHC, our doctors will evaluate all previous medical records, lab work, and imaging (US/radiographs) provided; and will perform a thorough conventional physical examination, a traditional Chinese medical examination and when applicable a chiropractic evaluation. Your pets past and current medications, supplements and current nutritional regimen will also be discussed.

The doctor will then recommend a treatment protocol designed to benefit the individual patient. This may involve a course of acupuncture treatments and chiropractic adjustments, or focus on general health concerns involving appropriate diet, exercise, supplements, herbs, and other complementary modalities.

Patients initially receiving treatment with us may benefit most with more frequent visits of once or twice per week for up to 6-8 treatments. At each visit, your pet’s response is evaluated with the goal of decreasing the frequency of treatments to a maintenance schedule, which is the minimal number of treatments to maintain optimal balance in the individual patient.