About Us

The Animal Healing Center in San Diego is a unique, compassionate, and nurturing environment developed to provide integrative health care options for your pets. Understanding the delicate balance between health and disease and the interactions influencing this balance is integral to the philosophy of the AHC. The appreciation of this balance and an understanding of the patient’s inherent healing ability are the cornerstones of the care provided at the AHC.

Our doctors at Animal Healing Center are highly trained professionals with knowledge and expertise in holistic aspects of treating illness. Animal Healing Center does not provide full service conventional care such as surgery, hospitalization, or diagnostic tests, and focuses more on complementary holistic services that your regular veterinarian does not offer. For this reason, AHC treats patients in conjunction with their primary conventional veterinarian. Your pet can be a patient at any veterinary clinic and still utilize AHC . Whether you have a healthy pet or your pet is already undergoing therapy for an illness, we tailor innovative wellness and treatment plans focused on the individual needs of your dog or cat including mind, body, and spirit.

The doctors at Animal Healing Center bring the best from their advanced training in a wide variety of holistic veterinary medical disciplines to help you learn how to keep your pet healthy. Our integrative and holistic therapies include veterinary acupuncture, veterinary orthopedic manipulation, traditional Chinese and western veterinary herbal medicine, bio-regulatory medicine, homeopathy, animal chiropractic, animal massage, cold laser  therapy, food therapy, essential oils, and cancer support. Our proactive approach stems from our desire to heal and achieve a permanent cure for your pet whenever possible and not simply to provide symptomatic treatments. Animal Healing Center offers unmatched care and attention to your dogs and cats. We promote your pet’s whole body wellness.

We welcome you to browse our website to find out more about us and what we do at Animal Healing Center. Hope for people, healing for pets.