Meet the Doctors

Elaine Feely, DVM, CVA (IVAS)

Additional training in:

  • Chinese herbal medicine
  • Traditional Chinese Food Therepy
  • Essential Oils
  • Homotoxicology
  • Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation / VOM

Dr. Elaine Feely grew up in New York City and knew she wanted to be a veterinarian by the time she was 9 years old. She graduated from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990.  Tired of the long, cold winters in upstate New York, Dr. Feely moved to California to treat small animals and horses at a practice in Marin County.  Although she loves horses and working outdoors, after two years Dr. Feely realized that working with small animals who share a home and special bond with their people was her real passion in veterinary medicine. Since then Dr. Feely has focused on providing high quality, compassionate care to dogs, cats, rabbits and pocket pets.

During her senior year in vet school, Dr. Feely was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with a veterinarian who incorporated acupuncture into his treatment of dressage and eventing horses.  She was impressed with the healing power of acupuncture but her interest in personally providing complementary medicine wasn’t sparked until years later when a holistic veterinarian helped to improve the quality of life of Dr. Feely’s own aging dog.

Dr. Feely completed her veterinary acupuncture training at the Chi Institute in 2011 and continues her studies in Chinese Herbal Medicine through the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies.  The holistic Traditional Chinese Medical approach to health through a balanced lifestyle and diet reflects the way Dr. Feely cares for her own family and she is happy to be able to use acupuncture, herbs and food therapy help her patients maintain wellness and heal their bodies naturally.

Heather Carter, DVM, CVA
Heather in Mexico
  • DVM- St George’s University
  • CVA- Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist; IVAS
  • CVCP- Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner; VOM/ Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation
  • CVFT- Certified Veterinary Food Therapist
  • Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine

Dr Heather was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the age of 7, after rescuing a bird from the middle of the road, she told her mother "I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up". She completed her undergraduate work in Biology at UC San Diego, went to veterinary school at St George’s University on the island of Grenada, and completed her education at Royal "Dick" School of Veterinary Medicine in Edinburgh Scotland.

She immediately began working in general practice, but after several years frustration began setting in. Too often patients would come in with cancer, chronic disease, or "just not right" and the tools in the western toolbox were inadequate to help to her satisfaction. Dr Carter looked back to a time when her health was "just not right" when she found relief in acupuncture - so began her journey into alternative veterinary medicine. She completed her acupuncture courses through IVAS in 2012 and since then has pursued additional training in Food therapy, veterinary orthopedic Manipulation, and is currently completing her graduate studies in veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine. She also frequently uses homo-toxocology, homeopathy, ozone therapy and essential oils to maximize her patients’ quality of life. Heather particularly enjoys working with cats, healing through food, endocrine disorders and cancer care, and she is quite excited to have the opportunity to work with the Animal Healing Center to help you and your pets live life to its fullest.

Dr Heather Carter San Diego Veterinarian

Yen Chou, DVM, CVA
  • DVM- Western University 2009
  • CVA - Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist; Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, 2008
  • CVFT- Certified Veterinary Food Therapist; Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, 2013

Additional training in:

  • Advanced Veterinary Acupuncture
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine Therapy
  • Tui-na Therapy
  • Animal Essential Oil Therapy
  • Class IV Therapeutic Laser

Dr. Chou grew up in Taiwan, Taipei before her entire family relocated to Southern California when she was 12 years old. She attended the University of California, Santa Cruz where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in molecular, cellular, and developmental science. Combining her passion for improving the lives of individuals around her with her love for animals, she went on to obtain the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Western University in 2009. Curious about the East Coast, Dr. Chou went on to work at an integrative veterinary hospital in North Carolina for one year. Then she decided to move back to the L.A. area to take care of her aging mother. She then stayed in the L.A. area and worked at integrative animal hospitals. Dr. Chou moved with her fiance to San Diego at the beginning of 2015 to start a new life and new family.

Dr. Chou's interest in alternative medicine and the integrative approach started at a young age. She watched as her father, who had severe cervical bone spurs suffer through chronic, severe pain that multiple pain medications could not improve. Surgery was not a good option as there was a 50% chance given by surgeons that her father might become paralyzed below his neck if surgery was performed. Determined to find better solutions, her family began to pursue acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Qi Gong for her father. That was when she saw a dramatic improvement in her father's pain and overall quality of life. Seeing how this benefited her loved one Dr. Chou was determed to learn and incorporate alternative and less invasive modalities. She went on to finish her certification in Veterinary Acupuncture with the Chi Institute before she graduated veterinary school.

She has continued to pursue additional training in advanced acupuncture, tui-na, food therapy, Chinese herbal medicine, and animal essential oil therapy. She is a life long learner and her current goal is to become a certified Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Practitioner, which requires an individual to be certified in acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Food therapy, and tui-na as well as additional training in China. Dr. Chou is passionate about using a balanced and integrative approach to maximize health and promote natural healing. She believes that the body is amazing and that by providing good nutrition along with natural, holistic care as well as proper exercise and emotional support optimal wellness and health can be achieved. Dr. Chou is very excited to have the opportunity to work at the Animal Healing Center and looks forward to meeting with you and your pets.

Diana D. Drumm, DVM
  • Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (IVAS)
  • Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner – VOM
  • Certified in Chinese Veterinary Herbology
  • Certified Veterinary Ozone Therapist

Additional training in:

  • Nutritional Response Testing / NRT
  • Traditional Chinese Food Therapy
  • Homotoxicology / Bioregulatory Medicine
  • Animal Essential Oil Therapy

Dr. Diana Drumm grew up in Nashville Tennessee before attending the University of Montana where she received a bachelor of science in molecular biology with honors. She then returned to Tennessee to attend The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in Knoxville earning her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. After graduation, she went on to a residency in comparative medicine at The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego before entering private practice. In 2002 she left San Diego to join a mixed animal practice in Bishop California. The lack of access to specialists in this rural setting, and providing services to animals for 100 miles around gave her the opportunity to strongly develop all her medical and surgical skills in a variety of species.

In 2005 after reluctantly trying acupuncture treatment for of her own lifelong migraine headaches and finally finding relief, Diana began rethinking her staunch adherence to conventional medical disease treatment. Experiencing first hand the success of alternative treatment for a condition that was poorly addressed by Western medicine, she decided that she wanted to be able to provide her patients with the same additional treatment options for the conditions that previously had disappointing results or no treatment available at all.

About Diana DrummDr. Drumm received her acupuncture certification from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 2006. Finding success with this new treatment and desiring even more options for her patients she studied Traditional Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine finishing all her course work in 2007. Later that year, armed with new tools and a desire to truly integrate holistic and conventional medicine she started her own practice in Reno Nevada to promote an atmosphere of lifelong health and healing for her animal patients.

Dr. Drumm has continued to train in additional holistic methods: Homeopathy, Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation, Traditional Chinese Food therapy, and Western Herbal Medicine among them. She taught at Truckee Meadows Community Collage in the department of herbal studies. Her practice’s continued success is a testament to the nurturing healthful environment that integrative holistic medicine provides for our pets.

After 10 years in the Eastern Sierra, shoveling snow in the winter and battling drought in the summer, Dr. Drumm and her family returned to the beloved Pacific in Southern California where her journey as a veterinarian began.

California Holistic Animal Institute was born from Dr. Drumm’s desire to continue providing compassionate holistic care for individuals’ and families’ four legged companions to enhance the well being at both ends of the leash.