Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy has been around for over 100 years and is used extensively in human medicine in much of Europe and other countries in the developed world. Ozone will be an essential tool for veterinarians in the 21st century.

Ozone Therapy involves the administration of medical grade ozone to increase the amount of oxygen in the body restoring the whole body’s communication system to now take information and restore health. The method of administration of ozone depends on what condition is being treated.

The method of administration depends on the medical condition being treated. Common administration methods include:

Rectal insulation – this method infuses ozone gas directly into the rectum with a catheter. The vast capillary network in the rectal mucosa rains it’s the ozone directly into the blood and tissues. This can safely be administered every day depending on the patient’s condition. This is the preferred method for at-home treatment.

Ozonated Saline – this method places fluids that have been infused with ozone under the skin of the patient. This is preferable in any dehydrated patient or any patient with chronic diseases such as kidney insufficiency or pancreatitis.

Limb/body bagging – this method is superior for widespread infections of the skin. It uses high concentrated ozone gas which has been specially treated to make it safe to breathe. The affected area, such as a foot, or in some circumstances the whole body, is placed in a container to make a sauna-like the environment of ozone gas – killing bacteria on contact. Ozone is very effective against bacteria that have become resistant to oral antibiotics.

Major Autohemotherapy (MAHT) – This is the standard form of administration in humans. It involves removal of a small volume of patient blood which is treated with ozone, and more often also UV light, then reintroduced into the patient’s blood stream. This is most widely used for viral/bacterial conditions, arterial circulatory conditions, autoimmune disease, immune deficiency, and as an adjunctive treatment to cancer.

Ozone itself is an unstable molecule of three oxygen atoms sharing electrons = O3. It can destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, and Protozoa that are causing infection on contact. It can kill cancer cells similarly as they do not have the proper enzymes to convert it to oxygen – rather it becomes peroxide causing the death of the cancer cell. It improves the circulation of oxygen to tissues that are impaired by disease speeding healing. It assists tissue healing in wounds by improving oxygen to those tissues. It decreased inflammation whether acute or chronic. It strengthens the immune system by activating immune messengers which balance the immune system. This can be of great value for overactive immune systems from auto-immune disorders to atopic skin disease, but also in underactive immune systems noted in chronic diseases and even cancer. ​​​​​

Ultra Immunotherapy (O3UV)
UV Therapy is a treatment that utilizes ultraviolet light to treat blood which can stimulate or down-regulate the immune system as needed. Animal Healing Center uses a combination of 3 UV lights when treating patient blood.

UVC light directly inactivates pathogens creating an autovaccine thus stimulating the production of antibodies. The UVC energy inactivates the harmful bacteria and virus then when reintroducing into the patient s body this “vaccine response” occurs augmenting the benefits.

UVB light reduces the reaction of lymphocytes and cuts excessive inflammation through a decrease in cytokines production. This is an example of immune system modulation which can be of benefit in autoimmune disease.

UVA light and blue light in the system have a positive effect on the body by providing homeostasis for the immune system. This host of effects includes improved microcirculation and oxygenation of the blood, enhanced phagocytosis activity riding the body of toxic pathogens, and increased hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) production and reactive oxygen species (ROS) – keys to a healthy immune system.

At Animal Healing Center we provide the best combination of these treatments when the patient’s condition warrants.

O3UV Treatments

This is a combination of UV and ozone. It involves removing volumes the patient’s blood – pretreatment it with ozone then running it thru all the phases of UV treatments listed above. This potentiates the ozone’s positive effects in conjunction with all the benefits to ultra immunotherapy.


This is a superior treatment in cases of:

Any infectious agent – dermal or systemic. MRSA and Lyme’s disease are two great examples.

Cancer – a great adjective treatment as it directly kills cancer cells and bolsters the immune systems efforts to rid the body of cancer cells.

Autoimmune diseases – from IMHA, IMPA, ITP, even atopy
And many others.

Please discuss the options for using ozone and ultraviolet immunotherapy for your pet with your veterinarian at Animal Healing Center.