Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy at Animal Healing Center utilizes the Erchonia multi-laser system. These are FDA approved non-invasive coherent light laser, also known as “cold lasers”. In contrast to surgical and cosmetic lasers that produce thermo-destructive energy, these produce no harm to cells or tissues. Cold lasers have been used in medicine for over 30 years with multiple clinical studies demonstrating their medical efficacy and safety.

The nature of laser light has several facets: wavelength, coherency, power, and frequency. The light energy penetrates into cells and reacts with receptors on the cell surface called chromophores. In a process similar to sunlight on chlorophyll during photosynthesis in plants, this light energy stimulates mammalian cells’ photons to react, healing them at a mitochondrial level. Erchonia laser red light is 635-nanometer wavelength, the same wavelength as photonic energy of mammalian cells, the energy language of those cells. In addition, Erchonia lasers can be programmed to pulse at various frequencies (how many times per second or how frequently the light energy flashes) to target specific tissues or organs.

This programmable variability allows the veterinarians at Animal Healing Center to tailor a laser protocol very specific to your pet’s individual health issue. The number, frequency, and type of treatments depend on the severity and duration of his or her condition.

Research studies have shown that many acute and chronic conditions may be improved or eliminated with the use of lasers. Some examples are:

Musculoskeletal injuries/Disease:

Arthritis, joint pain, elbow and hip dysplasia, herniated and bulging disks in the neck and back, muscle spasm and nerve root pain, partial cruciate ligament tears, facial nerve paralysis, spondylosis, degenerative myelopathy

Skin issues/Disease:

Wound healing, post-operative incisions, hot spots, lick granulomas, eczema, dermatitis, stomatitis, Ear infections

The addition of 405-nanometer violet light on many of the units at Animal Healing Center laser units expands their versatility to be antimicrobial on contact with skin, an indispensable addition when treating skin infections and wounds.

Internal medicine:

Liver disease, kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease, epilepsy, megaesophagus, pancreatitis. vestibular disease, incontinence, urinary tract infections, cardiac issues.

Cold laser therapy is an excellent alternative to for pets who don’t tolerate acupuncture or handling well.

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